Our capacity
            Mould machining
            Injection machines
            Clean room of painting & silk..
            Inspection Facilities
            JinchengBang equipment list
Our capacity
1. Our factory can ceaselessly manufacture mould in 24 hours
2. our company will export 200-300 sets moulds to overseas marketing every year such as Europe, USAĦ­
3.we export in plastic mold & injection molding, we also focus on an European market in sever years and we build mold based on DME or HASCO standard.
4. Engineering department is composed of engineers who are very experienced and full of developing spirit!Mould appliance international advanced system such as CAD,CAE,CAM in mold design & injection molding.
5. We have 30 sets injection machines and the size from 80T to 850T.

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